We Heroes

Charge into battle with the insanely fun and addicting PVP/RPG game.

We are available for some creative work

Little bit about us

Let us introduce ourselves in few short lines. Picklenauts agency is a small team of experienced designers and illustrators passionate about games both in making and playing. We are on a quest to take over the world with nothing less but the best 2d/3d design concepts and unique animations as we are always on a lookout for next big challange. If you have idea we can do it, simple as that.

2D Graphics

Everything starts with pencil and papper from concept, idea or storyboard and being oldschool or digital tablet lover makes little differance. We use wide range of tools to meet every need both vector and pixel based.

3D Modeling

Having knowledge in all aspects of 3d process to accommodate any need requires a working team, from modeling, animation, rigging, texturing and more. These days almost anyone can make 3d graphics, but making awesome graphics takes time and patience.

Motion Graphics

Process of giving life to a character or making animatics from simple storyboard or maybe creating a bad ass trailer is all about knowledge and experience. Planing in advance instead of trial and error can make or break a deadline, and we just don’t break them…


Digital footprint these days is as important as personal identity. It is extension of ideal we wish to represent and therefore important to be as unique and simple as it is recognizable and representative.



Illustrator & CEO



Graphic Designer